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Keep Your Child from Getting and Spreading Enterovirus D68
Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68)

We have all been hearing quite a bit about the current respiratory illness that has affected a number of children nationwide. There are many other viruses that circulate in the United States that cause respiratory illnesses and not all outbreaks are related to EV-D68. Here is some information on this virus distributed by the CDC:

  • Enterovirus D68 was first identified in California in 1968. There are more than 100 known types of the enterovirus. It causes respiratory illness that can by mild to severe. Mild symptoms may include fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough and body aches. Severe symptoms may also include wheezing and difficulty breathing. This virus is spread through respiratory secretions (saliva, mucus, sputum).
  • There is no specific treatment; there is currently no vaccine and no antiviral. Mild symptoms can be relieved by OTC medications (Aspirin should not be given to children). More severe symptoms (difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, etc) should be seen by a Primary Care Provider. Children with asthma may present with more severe symptoms.
  • Please take time to remind your children to:
  • Wash their hands with soap and water frequently. **Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are not effective against enteroviruses**
Cover any cough or sneeze and to keep their hands away from their eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Parents, please send your children to school daily with a water bottle to help promote hydration. If your child has been having a sore throat or cough, please supply them with cough drops. Please keep your child home if he/she has any symptoms beyond mild sore throat and occasional cough.
  • For more information go to:

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