Emergency Transport

Gorham EMS provides emergency transport to all residents and visitors who request it.  During the day, our primary ambulance are staffed with 1 Paramedic and 1 EMT or Advanced EMT, at minumum.  This staff is supplemented by dedicated volunteers who staff the second ambulance for second calls and inter-facility transfers during the day, and staff the primary ambulance at night. We also provide mutual aid response and advanced life support intercepts to other communities and EMS agencies as requested. In an emergency, always dial 911!

Non-Emergency Transport

Gorham EMS also provides non-emergent transport to local residents and healthcare facilties as requested.  Whether its a heart attack being transported to a cardiac catheterization lab or a transport home from the hospital, GEMS has the staff and equipment to handle any request. To request an ambulance for non-emergency transport, please contact our dispatch center at (603) 466-3336.   

Stand-by Service

Gorham EMS also handles stand-bys, both scheduled and unscheduled.  In the past we have covered the Wildman Biathlon, the 24 Hours of Great Glen, and the Mount Washington Road Race.  Annually, we provide stand-by coverage to the visitors at the town common during the annual July 4th Spectacular. We also provide stand-by and fire fighter rehabilitation service to our fire department partners at structure fires and other prolonged events. To schedule an event stand-by, contact our office at (603) 466-5611.  

Community Education

Gorham EMS provides CPR, First Aid, and EMS education as a community service. We train the next generation of responders with Emergency Medical Responder and Emergency Medical Technician courses. We also provide our members and other EMS providers with monthly education topics. Gorham EMS also provides CPR and first aid classes to local organizations, business, and residents. Annually, Gorham EMS partners with Gorham Fire Department to hold Safety Day, an event dedicated to providing the community with safety education and information on many subjects such as bicycle, fire, and railroad safety.