Gorham Farmers' Market

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Welcome to the Gorham Farmers' Market

A weekly event for the community to gather with with live music, family activities, good food and great vendors!

Featuring a variety of local vendors selling fresh and organic produce, fruits, meats, baked goods, pastries, eggs, jams / jellies, preserves, goat dairy products, coffee, cheeses, honey products, maple products, local authors, handcrafted items such as; leather goods, soaps, dog treats, sewn / crochet items, wood turned kitchen items, prepared food including; Thai food, meatball / pork / beef sandwiches and chicken wings, homemade sauces, lemonade, teas, wild forged items; mushrooms, chaga, fiddleheads, local author novels, and much more!

Every Thursday from June 11 to Auguat 24, 2020 from 3:00 - 6:00pm

Located on the Town of Gorham Common, 69 Main Street, Gorham, NH 03581

VENDOR LIST & LAYOUT (vendor list and layout may be updated weekly)



We hope to have live entertainment returning on July 2.  All other special activities and events are postponed until further notice.


snapSNAP / EBT enables low-income individuals and families to use their EBT card to buy eligible fresh and local products at the farmers market.  This program gives low-income families better access to fresh foods, supports family farms and local producers, and directs tax dollars into the local economy.  GSMM (Granite State Market Match) enhances the SNAP spending power by providing a dollar for dollar match to be used exclusively on locally grown fruits and vegetables purchases.

How does it work at the market?

1.  Go to the NAP / EBT / GSMM and Debit / Credit tent located near the information booth (yellow building). 

2.  Choose how much you would like to spend that day on food purchases and swipe your EBT card for the amount tokens you want to spend on SNAP eligible items.  Double your dollars 1-for1 with GSMM coupons.

3.  Visit our vendors and shop for food items.

What food items are eligible to be purchased using SNAP / EBT?

Fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, baked goods (wrapped, labeled and intended for home consumption), breads, dairy, maple and honey products, jams, sauces, seeds

What food items are eligible to be purchased using GSMM?

Only fruits and vegetables

What happens if I don't have any cash on me?

We have tokens that may be purchased using your Debit / Credit card to purchase items at participating vendors.