Quarterly Rate Charges

January, April, July, October


  • The quarterly meter and billing charge is $5.90. The water rate is $4.77 per 100 cubic feet (750 gallons).
  • Quarterly Minimum Charge for Water based on 0 to 1200 cubic feet usage is $63.14.


  • The Sewer rate is $7.23 per 100 cubic feet based on 80% water meter flow.
  • Quarterly Minimum Charge for Sewer based on 0 to 1200 cubic feet usage is $76.21.


The owner of the property is ultimately responsible for the water & sewer bill. Any arrangements for payment with tenants are between tenants and the property owner only, not the Water & Sewer Department.

If there is a water leak or other problem, please contact the Water & Sewer Department for assistance.

Please remember that you are responsible for any repairs made on your water & sewer service over its entire length from your property line to your water meter, as well as inside your home or building.

Contact the Water & Sewer Department for information on other Rules, Regulations, and Policy Matters.